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  • Is Creativity Needed More Than Ever in the World Today?

    Because of the technological advances produced by the digital age, it has become very easy to use devices and the Internet to find any information necessary to answer questions, communicate with others, and educate oneself about what is happening in the world. As a result, it appears that many people find themselves constantly communicating with others rather than spending some of that time focusing inward and developing one's creative life. The need for creativity in the world exists now more than ever because of the constant barrage of news and information on a 24 hour cycle, seven days a week, which informs people about facts and opinions but does not necessarily support using one's own faculties to think about or develop new ideas. People are spending less and less time reading actual books, so that even though creativity continues to thrive in various art forms, research, and innovations, it is unclear whether the majority of people are seeking or even open to creative solutions of their own or those of other people.

    In addition, the state of the world is currently in so much turmoil between man-made as well as natural events that it creates an environment that can be extremely troubling and which can easily lead to cynicism about the present and the future. Creativity can provide a much needed and welcome respite from the violent and, otherwise, disturbing things that are happening in real time, and can extend temporary relief and escapism from such realities. Whether one seeks the creativity of others or chooses to nourish their own creative energies, the result can be a powerful panacea, albeit temporary, from the difficult times in which we live.


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